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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 DVD

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A group of prom-going teens take a fatal detour into the Texas woods and get into an accidental car crash. Stranded with no place to go, they seek help in Darla, a seemingly innocent insurance agent whose office is located near by. After Darla calls for help, they set out back to the scene of the crash, and are found and terrorized by Leatherface, his crazy brother, Vilmer, and are taken to an old farmhouse where they meet the rest of the cannibalistic clan.

Product: Horrors

Media: DVD

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Director: kim henkel

Cast: joe stevens, lisa marie newmyer, matthew mcconaughey, renee zellweger, robert jacks, tyler cone

Region code: 2

Running time: 84 min

Dutch subtitles: Yes

Releasedate: 2000-09-15

EAN Code: 8712609075410

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