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The Lord Of The Rings

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Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King Shelob Spider Statue

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Shelob Spider Statue
5000 Limited Edition

The spawn of ancient evil, Shelob is an unholy terror lurking in the caves outside Cirith Ungol. In an attempt to reclaim the Ring, Gollum leads Frodo into Shelob's Lair with the hope of this ghastly spider making Frodo into her next meal. Thanks to the heroics of Samwise Gamgee, Frodo is saved from almost certain consumption, and the Ring is kept from the hands of Gollum.

This statue has been hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards. The display base has been etched with the map of Middle Earth and also includes the Lord of the Rings logo, the piece name and sculptor's signature. This statue is an authentic replication of the monsterous creation from the film./p>
Sculpted by Heather Gilgour

Attention last one: slightly damaged on spider leg.

5.5" H (140mm) x 13.5" L (343mm)
4.32 Kg

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